What are your fees for managing a construction project?
Our fees are a percentage of the total cost of construction with our scope of work and the project location taken into consideration.

How do you determine your fees for managing the ongoing care of a condo building or business site?
Our fees are based on the total square footage of the site to be managed.  Depending on the site, we may opt to base our fees on a per unit cost instead.

Is there a minimum sized construction project that you are willing to manage?
No. We’re happy to assist with any project where our assistance is needed.

Can you help us find the contractors we’d need for our project?
Absolutely! That’s one of our specialties.

Do your feasibility studies include zoning and code research?
Of course. It wouldn’t be a complete report without considering a site’s zoning limitations and code requirements.

Are you able to assist with procuring permits for our project if they are necessary?
Yes, we run permits in Washington DC and Virginia.

Can you collect HOA fees and pay invoices for our association?
No, those are tasks executed by a traditional property management company. We have professional bookkeepers we partner with who handle that component or we will be happy to refer you to a full-service property management company if you believe your organization would be best served going that route.